Production program


Knee-Type milling machine F2V-R




Chip pan 
Clamping bolt for tools and millilng arbors 
1 pc Clamping limit 311 112328.000 (for pneumatic clamiping)
Short milling arbor 40 x 22 x 37 
Working space guard
Safety guard
Working space lighting





(delivered at an additional price)

Horizontal head IFH 2
Slotting head HOB 2 
Universal dividing head DU 200A
Tailstock VK 200A
Cross plate KD 200A
Gear quadrant ZL 200A
Support PA 200A
Rotary table with indexing device dia   250 
Machine vice 125 
Swivelling and tilting vice 100 
Swivelling vice  125
Self-centering vice 125 
Short milling arbors ISO40×16×29 
...    ISO40×22×19 
...    ISO40×22×37 
...   ISO40×27×47 
...    ISO40×32×60 
Reducing sleeves ISO40/ISO30
...    ISO40/Morse2
...    ISO40/Morse3
Reducing sleeves for pneumatic clamping
... ISO40/Morse2
... ISO40/Morse3
Clamping bolt
Drilling reducing sleeve ISO40/Morse2
Three-jaw drill chuck 13-B12 
Drill chuck arbor B12×2 
Clamping bush ISO40×16 
Collet 16×4
Collet 16×5
Collet 16×6
Collet 16×8
Collet 16×10
Clamping bush ISO40×28
Collet 28×8
Collet 28×10
Collet 28×12
Collet 28×16
Collet 28×20


Transport wooden skids                          185×200 cm,Weight 50kg 
Wooden transport base   185×200 cm,Weight 140kg
Wooden crate   193×208×191 cm,Weight 500 kg 


Horizontal head  IFH2  Slotting head HOB2   



Universal dividing head  DU200 (more) Rotary table with indexing device dia  250 (more Self-centering vice 125


Machine vice 125  Swivelling vice 125 Swivelling and tilting vice 100


Clamping bush with one set of collets  Short milling arbors Reducing sleeves ISO/ISO,ISO/Morse