Production program


Toolroom milling machine FNK 2-R

Technical data

Table size mm 300x1300 
Clamping slots                  - number 
Width and spacing mm 14x50 
Maximal table load kg 200 
Travel                             - longitudinal X mm manual/machine  840/820*
                                      - cross  Y mm manual/machine  376/355*
                                      - vertical knee Z mm manual/machine  460/440*
One-step feeds                     -number of feed rates plynule
                                      - range X,Y mm/min. 28-630 
                                      - range Z mm/min. 8,5-196 
One-step rapid traverse X,Y mm/min. 1500 
       Z mm/min. 450 
Feeds in two steps                - step   I. II.
                                      - range X,Y mm/min. 10-200  200-1000 
                                      - range Z mm/min. 3-60 60-300 
Rapid traverse in two steps X,Y mm/min. 400 2000 
Z mm/min. 120 600 
Distance of spindle axis from frame guide ways mm 195-750
                                     - I.rate r.p.m 60-800
                                     - II.rate r.p.m 800-4000
Bilateral spindle nose swivelling
in the longitudinal plane of the table ±90°
in the cross plane of the table ±45° 
Pivoting of arm with milling head about vertical axis 360°
Motor power kW
Quill shift out mm 127 
Machine shift                  - numbers of rates
                                                - I.rate mm/rev. 0,035 
                                                - II.rate mm/rev. 0,071
                                                - III.rate mm/rev. 0,140
Max. power input kVA 12
Weight kg 1700
Floor space mm 2660x2040
Height mm 2250
*  Lenght of machine stroke is the distance when stopping the machine feed through stop dogs and measured at minimal machine feed.       



Toolroom milling machine FNK 2-R