Tradition of the company dates back to 1922.

The company got through development stages, in order to specialize in production of knee-type milling machines. In 1964 the production of the famous millilng machine FA3 had started and this type was manufactured until 2003.

The following development resulted in production of both conventional and CNC milling machines, with wide range of optional equipment. From its establishing TOS Olomouc manufactured more than 30000 machine tools.

Thanks to their good reputation the milling machines from TOS Olomouc have been finding their customers not only on the domestic market but on many foreign markets as well.


1922 Finding of WAGNER Co. This company performed wiring service works and produced wiring devices.

1935 The first machine tool was produced – centreless grinding machine Type BBZ 45

1937 Export of the first 3 grinding machines BBZ 45 to England and India

1948 Nationalization of WAGNER Co. and connection of company SVOBODA to WAGNER Co.

1950 Establishing of national enterprise TOS Olomouc. The following branch plants were additionally connected to TOS Olomouc: TOS Lipnik (01.01.1951 ) and TOS Svitavy (01.01.1952). Those companies focused on production of milling machines.

1958 TOS Olomouc was integrated as branch plant into the national enterprise TOS Kurim.

1964 The production of famous milling machine Type FA3 started in TOS Olomouc.

1969 TOS Olomouc is again independent company belonging to the Union of Czechoslovak Machine Tools Producers.

1972 The prototype and test series of NC milling machine – type FB25V CNC were produced.

1973 Another development step had been implemented and the production of machining centres started.

1985 The flexible processing system PVS400 for machining of parts with dimensions 400 x 400 x 400 mm was installed.

1987 Manufacturing of unmanned machine tool BOS.

1993 Privatization of the plant TOS Olomouc and change of its name on Obráběcí stroje Olomouc Ltd.

2008 The company gained the quality certification ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 awarded by Inspection Institute TÜV. Rename back to the original trade name TOS Olomouc Ltd.

2014 The company gained the quality certification ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 awarded by Inspection Institute TÜV.