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TOS Olomouc use the machine tools neded for the high-quality production of the parts necessary for their own products.

Production is specialized in machining of grey cast iron parts and in precise machining of steel parts (gears, lead screws, spindles,

quils etc.). Quality and accuracy of the manufactured parts is tested in measuring centre by using two 3D CNC measuring machines

MITUTOYO and OPTON. The achieved values are recorded into inspection protocol.

There are the following possibilities of cooperation in TOS Olomouc:

Metal machining

Horizontal boring and milling machines (conventional and CNC).
Table dimensions: 1800x2240, 1800 x 1800, 1600 x 1800, 1400x1400, 1120x1000.

Milling, drilling,boring and turning operations on box-section and other workpieces.

Max. feeds:

X axis 3000 mm 
Y axis 2000 mm
Z axis 1250 mm

Machining accuracy to 0,02 mm

Material: grey cast iron, steel

Plano milling machines

Max. table dimension: 4000 x 1000 mm
Machining accuracy: to 0,05 mm
Material: grey cast iron, steel

Knee-type milling machines

Max. table dimension: 1600 x 500 mm
Machining accuracy: to 0,05 mm
Material: grey cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals

Gear hobbing machine

Max. table dimension: 8000 x 1600 mm
Machining accuracy: IT8
Material: grey cast iron

Boring machine DIXI 75 
Max. table dimension: 800 x 600
Max. feeds: X=800
Spindle shift out: 0-460 mm

Precision boring

Spacing accuracy max. to 0,005 mm
Material: grey cast iron, steel

Surface grinding machines

Max. table dimension: 4000 x 1100
Machining accuracy max. 0,01/1000
Material: grey cast iron, steel

Radial drilling machine

Max. drilling diameter: 80 mm

Manual works

marking, Casting drafting, Deburring, Boring, Sticking, Thread cutting, Aperture


We offer a complete production of gears and sprockets with spur gears - straight and oblique.

- module range 1 - 5
- diameter 20 - 320 mm
- maximum toothing width 100 mm
- the length of the toothed pinions is max. 400 mm
- Grinding with possibility of longitudinal modification
- Grindig with accuaracy up to DIN 4
Naturally the gears or pinions are delivered together with a  measurement protocol generated on CNC machine for measuring of gears.

Mid-Frequency hardening

Hardening of guide-ways
Max. length: 1400 mm
Material: grey cast iron, steel

Paint shop

All preparatory works for painting, final painting of workpieces as per customer´s
wishes. Smooth or embossed surface.



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