Tool-room milling machine FNGJ 40 A

The machine is designed to cover a wide range of milling, drilling, boring and thread cutting operations on workpieces of to 350 kg weight. This machine is especially suitable for single pieces production at tool-making workshops.

The machine is equipped with horizontal spindle which is fitted in the ram-type spindle head and also with vertical milling head, swing away arm for this vertical milling head and with fixed angle table. The machine is delivere with hand shift-out of the spindle quill. Tilting of spindle is possible in the range ± 90°. The perfect clamping of tools is realized by pneu-hydraulic clamping in both vertical an horizontal spindle.

The stepless spindle speeds are divided into 2 steps with max. 4000 r.p.m. and together with stepless working feeds the machine enables economical machining of varios materials.

Optimal lubrication of guideways is solved by means of lubricaation pump with dosing device. Tools cooling equipment, working light and safety guard of working space are delivered as standard accessories.

Using of the optional equipment from our variety entlarges technological possibilities of the machine


  • Stepless spindle speeds by means of frequency convertor in 2 steps
  • Spindle in the quill with fine and large shift-out
  • Stepless feeds in 3 axes by means of a frequency convertor
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic tool clamping in the horizontal and vertical spindle (Special execution)
  • Hardened guideways
  • Simple and comfortable operation, compact layout
  • Central lubrication by means of dosing devices
  • Wide range of technologic possibilities
  • High rigidity, accuracy and reliability of the machine
  • Easy maintenance
  • Modern design and perfect surface finish with oil-resistant painting


Standard execution:

  • Manual tool clamping
  • Fixed angle table 800 x 400 mm
  • Vertical milling head
  • Frequency convertor in spindle drive
  • Fine and large shift-out of quill
  • Machine feeds X,Y,Z (stepless adjustable feeds)
  • Hand wheel in axes X,Y,Z with measuring dials and with dividing 0,01 mm
  • Central lubrication with dosing devices
  • Tool cooling equipment
  • Electrical equipment for 3 x 400V/50 cycles
  • Paint of machine – blue and grey colour RAL 5010/RAL9002 Y
    RAL 5010  RAL 9002 

  • Lighting of working space
  • Working space guard

Special execution:

(must be required in the order)

  • machine with swivelling and tilting table TU 32N
  • Machine with overarm with bearing LFH 32N
  • Pneu-hydraulic tool clamping
  • Vertical milling head with swing away arm
  • Ballscrews in axes X,Y
  • Cover of vertical guideways
  • Inch execution of machine
  • Other electrical standards than 400V/50 cycles
  • Machine with other painting
  • Machine equipped with digital read-out HEIDENHAIN ND 5023

Dimensioned plan (mm)