Universal knee-type milling machine FGU 32

The FGU32 type is a high efficiency production milling machine with horizontal spindle. It is designed for precision and productive milling of flat or box-section workpieces up to 250 kg weight occurring in the one-off or batch production.

The wide range of spindle speeds and feeds enables effective milling of all metals with tools made from a high speed steel or a hardmetal. The split cross table enables the longitudinal table to be swivelled about its vertical axis thereby considerably extending the technological possibilities of the machine.

Using of the optional equipment from our variety entlarges technological possibilities of the machine.


  • high rigidity and geometrical accuracy
  • stepless feeds in all 3 axes by means of a frequency converter
  • hardened guideways
  • climb-cut milling in longitudinal axis
  • automatic working cycles in longitudinal axis with knee drop (Special execution)
  • swivelling of longitudinal table
  • simple operation
  • central lubrication systém (manually operated)
  • compact machine design
  • surface finish through oil-resistant varnishes


Standard execution:

  • Table size 360 x 1400 mm
  • Spindle with taper ISO 50
  • Basis spindle speed range 31,5 – 1400 rpm
  • Automatic feeds X,Y,Z (stepless) 
  • Handwheels in axes X,Y and Z with measuring dials - dividing 0,02 mm
  • Drive for special attachment
  • Climb-cut milling in longitudinal axis
  • Electrical equipment for 400V/50 cycles
  • Paint of machine – blue/grey RAL5010/RAL 9002 
    RAL 5010  RAL 9002 

  • Worklighting
  • Working space guard
  • Safety guard

Special execution:

(must be required in the order)

  • Inch execution
  • Spindle with taper ISO 40
  • Automatic working cycles in longitudinal axis
  • Knee drop
  • Other electrical standards than 400V/50 cycles
  • Paint in other coloured shade
  • Machine equipped with digital read-out HEIDENHAIN – 3 axes  ND 5023
  • Increased spindle speed range 45 – 2000 rpm
  • Pneumatic tool clamping 

Dimensioned plan  (mm)